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Abayo Personal Data Vault - Each day we hear of another website's security being compromised, yet we are increasingly doing more of our personal and financial affairs on-line. Not to mention we have so many other things to remember, like phone swipe patterns, wi-fi passwords, and sensitive personal (i.e. medical, financial) documents that we want to protect, yet be able to access easily and safely whenever we need to.

The Abayo Data Vault hides in plain sight to store your sensitive information in AES encrypted database(s) by using a fully functional decoy application that only reveals the covert data vault application when you enter the correct password(s) and pattern of clicks, keypresses and/or mouse clicks. You define the look, feel and operation. No two decoy applications look or work the same.

If you ever lose laptop the decoy application can detect if someone is trying to gain access to the covert data vault, and can self-destruct all sensitive data after a user number defined failed attempts.

Store any type on information; notes, wi-fi passwords, swipe patterns, website questions and answers. 

Store documents of any file type (pdf, docx, jpg, png, xlsx, mp3, flv, ...).

Use search feature so you can quickly find and use your data. (Note: Files and documents stored are encrypted and their contents cannot be searched)

All of your sensitive data and files are stored in encrypted database(s) that only you have access to.